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Per discussion with UltrAlpha (UAT), will resume UAT trading at 10:00 a.m. EDT, Aug 19th, 2019. UAT team discloses information as follows:


1. Introduction of UAT Permanent Lock-up

After the trading resumes, transaction fees for UAT/USDT and UAT/BTC will be paid in UAT, subject to permanent lock-up. UAT tokens consumed as transaction fees will be automatically transferred to the permanent lock-up address every day. Additionally, UAT/USDT and UAT/BTC trading pairs will not be eligible for referral reward.

Per Global Supplemental Liquidity Provider Program, qualified market makers will be eligible for an exclusive fee schedule. Therefore, the transaction fees for qualified market makers will not be subject to permanent lock-up.


2. B-Tech Fundraising on UAT Platform

B-Tech, a newly formed investment arm of focusing on the acceleration and development of blockchain projects, will conduct fundraising exclusively on UAT Platform. This will be the only opportunity for all investors to participate in the fund-raising of a top-tier trading platform incubator. Rules of B-Tech fund-raising will be announced at a later date. Please stay tuned.


UAT Permanent Lock-up Address: 0x14beb25abe23e90c46eb1cc206eee99ed92a1f42


Thank you for the continued support. Team

Aug 19th, 2019


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