Win up to 300 USDT!

Complete three tasks to get three opportunities to win lucky draw rewards. Up to 100 USDT from each lucky draw.
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    Lucky Draw Rules

    1. Users who complete tasks during the validity period will be eligible for a lucky draw.

    2. Reward offerings including 100 USDT, popular tokens, bids of an upcoming auction, point cards, futures bonus credits and more. Users can check for the received rewards on My Rewards page.

    3. The rewards of point cards and futures bonus credits will be automatically distributed once they were claimed. Winners can check for the received rewards on My Rewards page.

    4. The USDT and popular token rewards will be distributed within three days to winners’ accounts once they were claimed. Winner can contact AscendEX Customer Support if they haven’t received the rewards on time.

    5. The reward of bids of an upcoming auction will be distributed to winners’ accounts within three days after the starting of the auction. (Users will receive a notification email when an upcoming auction starts)