AscendEX Launchpool

One-click deposit for new tokens



Advantages of AscendEX Launchpool

Principal Guaranteed Investment

Deposited tokens and rewards earned will be credited to users’ cash accounts after the conclusion of farming. No loss will occur to the deposited tokens.

High Returns

After a deposit, users will receive free new tokens every hour which are screened carefully by AscendEX, with world-leading ROI.

High Liquidity

Deposited tokens can be redeemed anytime with no fees. After redemption, deposited tokens will be credited to users’ account immediately.

Low Deposit Limits

Only KYC is required, there are no requirements for specific token holdings or trading volume.


What’s Lauchpool?
How can I be eligible to participate in Lauchpool?
What's farming yields calculation and rewards distribution?
Can I redeem my deposited assets anytime?