Our One Minute Digest

Sept. 18, 2021 - Sept. 24, 2021


Platform Update

AscendEX has a total of 213 tokens listed and provides innovative product offerings, including: ASD Investment Multiple Cards, Airdrop Multiple Cards, Staking Services, and more.

  • AscendEX conducted the exclusive primary listing of DeFi11(D11) on Sept. 20, 2021. DeFi11 is a DeFi powered gaming ecosystem for fantasy sports and NFT hybrid World. The project aims to completely decentralize the fantasy sports industry and create a fraud-proof platform for the gamers.
  • AscendEX listed Sypool (SYP) as the exclusive primary listing on Sept. 21, 2021. Sypool is a cross-chain asset management protocol that allows users to design, build, and manage portfolios in one place.
  • AscendEX listed BTC Proxy (PRXY) on Sept. 24, 2021. BTC Proxy is a multi-institutional protocol for the decentralized tokenization of Bitcoin on ERC20, utilizing our Proxy Protocol called the Proxy Relay.
  • AscendEX listed Sovryn on Sept. 15, 2021. Sovryn is the world’s first BTC application that will allow users access to the decentralized trading and lending of Bitcoin.
  • AscendEX now accepts staked SRM, XTZ, ONE, KAVA, CSPR, WOO, and BAND as collateral for futures trading starting Sept. 24. The staking APRs of some of these assets will reach up to 22%. When leveraging these new staked assets, users can trade and increase their interest earnings at the same time.
  • AscendEX launched perpetual futures contracts for XTZ-Perp, ALGO-Perp, XLM-Perp, and IOST-Perp on Sept 24. The XTZ-Perp, ALGO-Perp, XLM-Perp, and IOST-Perp perpetual futures contracts are denominated and settled in USDT with available leverage of up to 50x.



 Promotional Events and Activities

  • XTZ,ALGO, XLM, and IOST-Perp Futures Promotional Event: Trade XTZ, ALGO, XLM, or IOST-Perp Futures and complete referral & sharing tasks to share a 30,000 USDT Prize Pool.
  • BTC Proxy (PRXY) Promotional Event: Deposit PRXY, maintain a daily PRXY trading and join PRXY trade competition to win 30,000 USDT in Rewards.
  • Sypool (SYP) Promotional Event: Deposit and trade SYP to share 13,000 USDT worth of pooled rewards.
  • Margin Trading Promotional Event: Execute margin trades, retweet the event poster, and complete the registration form to win pooled rewards worth 20,000 USDT.
  • Interest-bearing Futures Trading Promotion Event: Learn how to earn interests, stake futures margin assets-USDT, transfer staked assets to futures accounts to win a share of a SOL & USDT Prize Pool Worth $300,000.
  • The “Wednesday Lucky Draw”: Execute cash, margin, or futures trades and retweet the “Lucky Draw” event poster to win rewards up to 50 USDT.


 AscendEX Ecosystem

  • Distribution Pool of 5,367,156 USDT
  • Total Effective Investment Quota: 452,954,199 ASD
  • Total Est. Daily Profit - 1M ASD (BTMX), Total Est. Weekly Profit: 462 USDT


AscendEX Popular Investments

  • Curve (Polygon) - USDC Yield Farming: 27.69% Est. APR
  • USDT Staking: 8% est. APR
  • ETH Staking: 4% est. APR
  • BTC Staking: 3.5% APR
  • LIME Staking: 50% APR


 This Week’s New Listings Performance


Change % (At the listing day)

SYP (Primary Listing)

2500 %

D11 (Primary Listing)

893 %


Weekly TOP Gainers


Chang %



NGM (Primary Listing)