Dear Users,

To support the ongoing growth of HOPR (HOPR), AscendEX has launched Pre-Staking for HOPR. AscendEX users can now stake HOPR to earn rewards of 18% est. APR. See below for Pre-Staking details:

HOPR Pre-Staking



Est. APR


Minimum Delegation Amount

100 HOPR

Maximum Delegation Amount

No Limit

Minimum Staking Period

Unstake Tokens Anytime

Reward Calculation Starting Time

T+1 Day

Reward Distribution Starting Time

T+2 Day

Reward Distribution Cycle

Every Day

Regular Unbinding Period

14 Days

Instant Unbinding


Instant Unbinding Fee


Minimum Unbinding Amount

100 HOPR

Staked Assets used as Margin Collateral

Not Available Now

Compound Mode


PC: Click here to participate in HOPR Pre-Staking

App: Click [Staking] on the homepage to participate in Pre-Staking.

Please note:
1. By participating in a pre-staking project, users will be required to lock up their tokens to earn rewards.
2. Pre-staking permits users to unstake tokens at any time.
3. Pre-staking projects offer an instant unbinding service that allows users to claim staked tokens immediately with a small fee even during the unbinding period.

We truly appreciate your continued support.

AscendEX Team

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