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Dec 5 – Dec 11, 2020


Platform Update

  • Currently listed a total of 155 tokens with the product offering BTMX Investment Multiple Card, Airdrop Multiple Card, Staking Service, BTMX Investment, etc. for potentially higher rewards.


Latest Listings

  • Dec 8- Listed Bonded Finance (BOND) under the trading pair of BOND/USDT. The Bonded platform was created to incubate and deploy experimental, high-yield, smart-contract driven, financial instruments that expand the boundary of open finance.
  • Dec 9- Listed Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHA) under the trading pair of BCHA/USDT. Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHA) is a fork of Bitcoin Cash.
  • Dec 11- Listed Terra Virtua (TVK) under the trading pair of TVK/USDT. Terra Virtua is the first mass-market Non-Fungible Token ("NFT") platform to collect, showcase and trade rare digital collectibles. 


Activities in the Spotlight

  • Terra Virtua (TVK) Auction concluded successfully on Dec 10 at 10:00 a.m. EST. 
  • TVK Quests underway: complete online quiz, retweet event posts, join Telegram groups, bid in the auction, submit activity form, or trade for your share of 1,250,000 TVK rewards.
  • Join BOND promotion: trade BOND for a chance to share and release 14,000 USDT in tokens.
  • ORO limited-time promotions concluded. Winners got to share 17,500 USDT in tokens.


DeFi Project Highlights

  • Bonded Finance (BOND): stake BOND to earn 50% est. APR.
  • Wootrade (WOO): stake WOO to earn 59.09% est. APR; stake continuously to get up to 40% est. annualized reward bonus.


BitMax Ecosystem

  • Distribution Pool: 2,224,991 USDT
  • Total Est. Daily Profit/1MM BTMX This Week: 154 USDT
  • Diverse global communities with 70,483 users from Korea, Russia, India, Turkey, Vietnam, Italy, Japan, Spain, etc., up by 538 over last week.


Social Media Matrix

BitMax Official Twitter Account 55,998 followers.



Learn with Us - BitMax Auction


BitMax Auction, a unique feature of the platform, are usually joined by top-notch global projects with exclusive primary listings.


There are two major types of auctions on the platform: Standard Auction and Uncapped Auction. Two auctions can be held simultaneously, depending on projects.


Standard Auction Overview


Price discovery with a minimum and maximum bid amount. 


You can pay a fixed amount of USDT and capped BTMX/BTMXP to bid. There will be a limit on the number of winners. If more users than the limit and all bid with Bid Cap, a random draw will be conducted to select winners.


Uncapped Auction Overview


Price Discovery with a minimum bid amount and no maximum. 


You can pay a fixed amount of USDT and as much BTMX / BTMXP as you'd like. The BTMX / BTMXP bid component of the auction serves as a tiebreaker. The higher the BTMX/BTMXP, the higher the chance of winning the auction.