By: Anthony Mandelli


In 2020, the AscendEX became one of the most sought-after partners for new DeFi projects, bringing in some of the most exciting listings of the year. With markets heating up and a full pipeline of announcements on the horizon, let’s break down the different types of project listings AscendEX offers so you can find the opportunities that meet your trading needs.

Follow-on Listings

Follow-on Listings are designed for projects when they seek new partnerships beyond their initial listing platform. Additional listings can expand a project’s community, help developers raise new funds, and further increase global liquidity. Projects want to list with AscendEX because they are looking for a strategic partner, not just another pay-to-list service. AscendEX advises teams on token distribution mechanisms, secondary market liquidity strategies, and community engagement.


AscendEX takes a unique approach to listing tokens which initially trade on DEXs, recognizing that this spot price might not be truly reflective of robust price discovery because of the nature of automated market makers (AMMs). AscendEX will disregard this spot price (whether it’s at a premium or discount to the issuance price) and open at the issuance price. For example, CNTR was listed on Uniswap one hour prior to trading launch on AscendEX:



Joint Listings


Occasionally a project will list for the first time on in cooperation with another trading platform in a Joint Listing. AscendEX is unique in that we seek out synergies in the industry wherever possible, we don’t believe crypto has to be zero-sum. Just like traditional equities, there is always room for multiple key players to coexist.


We have found a lot of value in collaborating with other platforms in this competitive space, which is rare amongst other centralized exchanges. One example is the joint token launch for Serum with FTX. SRM was trading at 9x the opening price 10 minutes after trading began on AscendEX and its current price of ~$1.22 represents an 11x ROI since the launch on AscendEX.


Primary Listings

A Primary Listing is the process where a project partners with AscendEX to facilitate its first public opportunity for investors and users to buy and sell their token on the secondary market. These are exclusive opportunities to get in on the ground floor of some of the hottest new projects in the space. In addition to Serum, AscendEX was the primary listing platform for StaFi, xDai Chain, and DOS.


A recent report on IEO ROI showed AscendEX as having an average ATH ROI significantly higher than other exchanges, including Binance, Huobi, KuCoin, and OKEx.


Source: CryptoRank Average IEO returns by Exchange Platforms


The all-time high average ROI for Primary Listings on in 2020 is 18x. After trading launched on AscendEX, STAKE achieved a 75x ATH ROI, DOS achieved a 32x, SRM 22x, and FIS 12x.

AscendEX Auctions

Some projects conducting their primary listing with AscendEX elect to host an auction prior to market open. Unique to, these public sales give traders a mechanism to get a first peak of exciting new projects and witness price discovery live. Auctions require BTMX holdings to participate, making them popular with some of the AscendEX platform’s most active, diverse investors and traders. Serum, StaFi, and xDai conducted auctions with AscendEX; the auction for STAKE of xDai closed in 15 seconds.





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