Our One-minute Digest

Jan 22 – Jan 28, 2021


Platform Update

  • Currently listed a total of 164 tokens with the product offering of BTMX investment Multiple Card, Airdrop Multiple Card, Staking Service, BTMX Investment, etc., for potentially higher rewards.


  • BitMax.io listed ZeroSwap (ZEE) under the trading pair of ZEE/USDTon Jan 25, 2020. ZeroSwap is a multi-chain trading protocol that aims to capture DEX trading by offering liquidity mining, DeFi token, and DEX aggregation.

  • BitMax.io listed Nord Finance (NORD)under the trading pair of NORD/USDT on Jan 28, 2020. Nord Finance is an advanced decentralized financial ecosystem that simplifies products by highlighting traditional finance's key attributes.
  • CET/BTC, RVN/BTC, CHR/BTC, CHX/BTC, XNS/BTC, ABBC/BTC, QCX/BTC, STPT/BTC, AERGO/BTC, ZIL/BTC, and BTT/BTC trading pairs were removed from cash trading. The USDT trading pairs for those tokens will NOT be affected. The trading pair of WAN/USDT will be removed from the platform's margin trading, but its cash trading will NOT be affected.



Activities in the Spotlight

  • NORD limit-time promotions: retweet event poster, participate in NORD pre-staking, make a trade, and deposit for your share of 30,000 USDT in token rewards.
  • Maps.me(MAPS) auction completed successfully. MAPS trading will start at 9:00 a.m. EST on Feb 1.
  • Join ZeroSwap (ZEE) limited-time promotion to share approx. 15,000 USDT worth of tokens (170,000 ZEE).


BitMax Ecosystem

  • Distribution Pool:2,650,189 USDT
  • Total Est. Daily Profit/1MM BTMX This Week: 169 USDT
  • Diverse global communities with 72,912 users from Korea, Russia, India, Turkey, Vietnam, Italy, Japan, Spain, etc., up by 528 over last week.



DeFi Project Highlights

  • Nord Finance (NORD): limited-time pre-staking program with a great chance to earn Est. 81% APR.
  • ZeroSwap (ZEE): 75-day pre-staking program with Est. APR 80%
  • PowerTrade (PTF), FinNexus (FNX), Centaur (CNTR), and Decentr (DEC) Pre-Staking programs have successfully concluded. Staking assets in the PTF/FNX/CNTR Pre-Staking will be unstaked and returned to users' cash accounts within 24 hours and without any commission fee charged.


DeFi Yield Farming Strategies & Est Annualized Yield

  • Curve - USDT:33.85%
  • HARD - USDX:28.74%
  • DMM: Governance - USDT:8.92%
  • HARD - HARD:30.79%


Learn with Us - How do I use staked tokens as collateral for margin trading?

  • BitMax allows for staked assets to be used as margin collateral, so users can go long or short to hedge exposure while continuing to earn rewards. This applies only to assets supported by the platform for margin trading.


  • Go to "Account Transfer" under "My Asset," select the staking token and make a transfer from Cash Account to Margin Account. A percentage discount will be applied to the value of assets in the calculation of margin rates. This applies only to assets supported by the platform for margin trading.