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What are AscendEX SAT Rewards and Bitcoin Mining?

By Kai Wu | NOV 07, 2022

What are AscendEX SAT Rewards and Bitcoin Mining? 3:10 Min Read

What are AscendEX SAT Rewards and Bitcoin Mining?

AscendEX SAT Rewards and Bitcoin Mining rewards you with BTC for completing tasks on the AscendEX site. These tasks range from easy ones, such as logging onto the site once a day, to difficult ones, such as making a trade worth over 5000 USDT.

After completing a certain number of tasks, you can then receive a badge which may come with further BTC rewards. You can track your rewards in our newly designed rewards center or via the SATs Ticker, which is available both on the dashboard and in the rewards center.

By giving new users a monetary incentive, this reward system is designed to familiarize them with the key features of our platform.

Start Earning BTC Rewards

How does it work?

Previously, AscendEX offered rewards to new users with trading credits. These credits, however, could not be redeemed and moved off the platform. With our new system, we offer rewards denominated in Satoshi’s (aka SATs), which is a small fraction of a bitcoin. Once redeemed, users can trade, earn, or withdraw these rewards just like any coin in their wallet.

To earn SAT rewards, users must complete tasks throughout our platform. The rules and conditions of each task are outlined in the reward center, and they are also described in greater detail within the terms and conditions. Upon completing a task, you will receive a notification that congratulates you, and the corresponding SAT amount will be credited to your SAT Reward Ticker.

Ascnedex rewards

Keeping track of my rewards

For keeping track of the rewards earned so far, you can refer to the SAT Reward Ticker. It’s now available on the dashboard and in the Reward Center. Not only does this Ticker track the rewards you have earned so far, it also mines additional SATs, so long as you are active on the site. This “Proof-of-Activity” continues to earn rewards until you close the browser window.

Boosting my rewards

Every task has a fixed reward denominated in SATs. You can boost this reward amount by completing the KYC process, which allows AscendEX to confirm your identity. The boost will dramatically improve the reward of any future task that you complete.

Almost every task has a boost associated. Even “Proof-of-Activity” bitcoin mining will happen at a faster rate after completing KYC. As such, it’s in your interest to complete KYC as early as possible because tasks completed before KYC will not receive the boost.

Another reason to complete KYC quickly is that many tasks can only be done once. The tasks related to trading and using AscendEX Earn all fall in this category. AscendEX will offer multiple opportunities to earn SAT rewards in future activities, but don’t miss out on SAT’s by forgetting to do KYC.

Redeeming my rewards

Once you have racked up a sufficient balance of SAT’s, you will receive a prompt to redeem them in either Bitcoin (BTC) or USDT. You must reach the redemption limit to receive this prompt. If you accidentally click out of this notification, you can navigate to the reward center to redeem your SAT’s. If you have any trouble with redeeming your rewards, please contact our client support team for assistance.

Rewards aren’t limited to what you do on the site. If you invite your friends, you can get SAT rewards for their actions on the site as well. Not only can you get these rewards more than once, you can repeat these rewards multiple times on a monthly basis.

While SAT rewards for tasks may change with market conditions, AscendEX will continue to offer additional ways for you to earn more SAT’s. Stay with us for additional details!

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