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AscendEX has launched a liquidity mining service, which now supports the KAVA/USDX liquidity pool. Kava Swap is a cross-chain automated market making (AMM) protocol that leverages the Kava blockchain network. Kava Swap delivers a frictionless way to swap assets of different blockchains and deploy capital into liquidity pools to earn rewards.

By adding assets to the liquidity pool as a liquidity provider, participants can obtain the mining dividends. Liquid assets can be added and redeemed in real time without any handling fees.

Click HERE to Join KAVA/USDX Liquidity Mining (For PC users only)

Details are as follows:

KAVA/USDX Liquidity Mining 
Deposit TokenKAVA & USDX 
Minimum Deposit Amount20 KAVA 
Maximum Deposit Amount50,000 USDX 
Deposit/Redeem CycleAnytime 
Reward TokenSWP 
Est. APRThe rewards will be distributed daily but locked as SWPLCK in users’ account based on the on-chain rules. SWPLCK will be vested into SWP after 45 days. 
Reward Calculation Starting TimeT+1 Days 
Reward Distribution Starting TimeT+2 Days 
Reward Distribution CycleDaily 
Regular Unbinding PeriodOne Day 
Instant UnbindingN/A 
Minimum Redemption Share2,000 Shares (A share refers to a pool share users have in the liquidity pool after adding their assets.) 

Please note:
Liquidity mining is not a risk free investment. Please refer to FAQ on Liquidity Mining for further understanding of the associated risks.

To celebrate the launch of KAVA/USDX liquidity mining, AscendEX and the KAVA team will jointly roll out a limited-time promotional event. Users who deposit KAVA and USDX will have a chance to share 10,000-USDT of pooled rewards in SWP tokens.

Event Period: Nov. 1, 1 PM - Nov. 8, 12 AM UTC

Event: Deposit to KAVA/USDX Liquidity Pool to Earn Double Rewards
Users who deposit to KAVA/USDX liquidity pool during the event will be eligible to get double rewards, containing regular rewards in SWP tokens and extra SWP tokens of the same value. The extra SWP prize pool is capped at 10,000 USDT. The extra rewards will be distributed based on the users’ rankings by their shares of the KAVA/USDX liquidity pool on a first-come, first-served basis.

Terms and Conditions:
1. The return on liquidity mining is calculated and distributed in SWP according to the original liquidity mining rules, and the extra rewards will be distributed to the winners’ account 15 days after the conclusion of the events.
2. If a user unbinds KAVA/USDX before the conclusion of the events, the user will not be eligible for the extra reward. However, distributed income from liquidity mining will not be affected.
3. Users must use a verified account to participate in the events.
4. AscendEX will strictly enforce all the related rules. Any participants found violating AscendEX’s rules, such as the use of duplicate or false accounts, will be removed from the events. AscendEX reserves the final rights to interpret and adjust these Terms and Conditions.

Thank you for your continued support!

The AscendEX Team

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